Sludge mechanism and contents

The water and sediment, also called BSW (Bottom Sediment and Water), found in fuel oils vary greatly in amount and composition. Light fuel oils, such as diesel are usually not contaminated, except for a little water or a small amount of fine sediment. The greatest amounts are found in Heavier fuel oils, the reasons being that the BSW found in crude oil will become concentrated in the final products, such as the residuals. As the light fuel oils have a high gravity and heavier oils have a low gravity, the BSW is more liable to remain suspended in the heavier fuels owing to the density as well as the high viscosity of the material. The amount of BSW will vary in different grades of oil.

Benefits of E-OIL

  • Limited dosage of E-OIL is enough to disperse sludge.
  • Active ingredients in E-OIL penetrate deeply into the thick sludge layers.
  • Improves calorific value and combustion characteristics.
  • Reduces viscosity and enhances the flow properties.
  • Compatible to any kind of fuel oil / sludge.
  • Leaves no residue on combustion.
  • Ensures stability of oil during transportation, storage and at end use.
  • Reduces pumping cost and uniform supply of oil to the burners.
  • Prevents clinker formation during combustion.
  • Works as an effective scavenging agent for detaching the adhered oil molecules by waxy substances from the sediments, solid particles in fuel oil / sludge and keeps them in a suspended condition. This principle is applicable for sludge accumulation on suction heaters, pre-heaters, which is devoid of deposits leading to better rate of heat transfer.
  • Prevents organic precipitation of solids, blocking of strainers, screens and filters due to the presence of waxy substances.
  • Emulsifies water and oil, prevents growth of micro-organisms.
  • Reduces exorbitant cost of handling sludge manually and prevents high risk of exposure to toxic gases formed in the tank.
  • Higher heat realization.
  • Works as a pour point dispersant, flash point improver and corrosion inhibitor etc.,
  • Increases efficiency of the fuels and the equipment leading to direct and indirect savings.
  • Highly effective even in extreme climates.
  • E-OIL is a multifunctional eco and user friendly product.
  • Offers mind boggling savings & benefits to all its users worldwide.

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